expert services & solutions
for the renewable energy & energy storage sectors

PROTASIS provides a wide range of expert services for the Renewable Energy and Energy Storage sectors, including assessments, consulting, engineering design, testing, maintenance, training and support of operations to satisfy the strategic and operational requirements of any Renewable Energy Sources Plant (RES) or Energy Storage System (ESS).

These services apply to Renewable Energy Plant and Energy Storage System developers, manufacturers, grid operators, state authorities and individual stakeholders.

Our consultants will assess your infrastructure and provide comprehensive solutions, technical support and training to effectively maintain, monitor and manage your facility’s reliable and effective operation.

Our expert services set up to ensure the overall quality, safety, reliability of your installation, divided into three distinctive areas:

Electrical Protection, Control & Automation Systems

Our Power Systems Applications Department (PSA) combines the qualifications of a Systems Integrator with those of an experienced Engineering & Consulting company.

Without being affiliated with or committed to any manufacturer, PROTASIS PSA develops turn-key projects, solves problems and provides technical solutions and support in a number of areas related to the Renewable Energy Plant’s or Energy Storage System’s infrastructure and operation management.

Our independent services include:

  • Automation, control & telecommunication systems
  • Substation automation systems (SAS)
  • Specific aspects of digital control systems
  • Data exchange systems design between renewable energy plants or energy storage systems and regional energy management systems (EMS)
  • Protection systems design
  • Testing, maintenance, commissioning of protection relays
  • Field testing services (primary and secondary equipment)
  • Power quality recording and analysis
  • CAD drafting and design (schematic/wiring diagrams, cable lists, etc.)
  • Training services
  • Maintenance and systems operation support

Electrical Planning and Operation Studies, Consulting & Support

Our Power System Studies & Consulting Department (PSS&C) has the knowledge and experience to conduct studies related to Renewable Energy Plants or Energy Storage Systems using cutting edge modeling and analysis software.

Our independent services include:

  • System Impact Studies and Grid Code Compliance Studies

    • static analysis: power flow, static security assessment, short-circuit calculations
    • dynamic simulations of RES plants and ESS behavior (assessment of grid code compliance – Fault RideThrough behavior, investigation of solutions for improving transient performance)
    • integration connection studies (HVAC, HVDC)
  • Protection Coordination Studies

    • protective equipment modeling
    • relay setting/coordination studies
    • design of special protection schemes
    • verification of protection and control equipment operation
  • Grounding Grid Studies and Measurements

    • sizing of earth conductors
    • earthling arrangement proposal
    • calculation of earth potential rise, touch and step voltages
  • Power Quality Studies and Measurements

    • harmonic analysis
    • voltage flicker analysis
    • switching studies
  • Training Services

  • Special Studies/Services for Photovoltaic (PV) or Wind Power Plants

    • Design of PV / wind power plants (type selection and sizing, transformer sizing, inverter sizing, DC and AC cable ampacity and sizing, etc.)
    • Grid integration study (assessment of the electrical infrastructure, case-specific solutions for grid connection, identification of electric restrictions, calculation of electrical losses etc.)
    • Feasibility studies with regard to technical aspects and economic performance
    • Technical advisory services for the entire project development phase
    • Measurement and evaluation of meteorological data
    • Site and energy yield assessment
    • Technical assistance in tendering, bid evaluation and support in contract negotiations
    • Administrative support of client’s application for grid connection (design and documentation review)
    • Technical support during construction and commissioning
    • Technical support during start-up and optimization
    • Component inspection before/during operation phase (wind power curve verification, Fault Ride Through testing/verification, etc.)
    • Plant acceptance and performance tests
    • Plant energy forecasting services
    • Condition monitoring (installation of selected measurement sensors, communications, power measurements, monitoring of electrical performance and grid incidents, identification of malfunctioning at early stage etc.)
    • Root cause analysis (in case of failures: identification and assessment of failure effects, witnessing and support of tests and measurements, proposal of technical solutions etc.)
    • Turn-key solutions for small autonomous hybrid systems and smart grids (design, licensing, installation, testing, monitoring, after sales support etc.)
  • Additional services for Energy Storage Systems

    Moving towards a future of sustainable energy an increased need of power system flexibility arises due to the ever-growing penetration level of intermittent and fluctuating renewable energy sources. Towards this end, Energy Storage Systems are a reliable and economic balancing services solution.

    • Analysis of principles of operation of storage technologies
    • Exploration of potential applications (solutions for short-term and mid-term energy storage in compliance with the international standards and national legislation)
    • Investigation of options and profitability comparison of investigated technologies
    • Steady-state modelling of power systems with PV/Wind power plants and Energy Storage (sizing and energy yield assessment of systems with batteries, small hydro etc.)
    • Dynamic modelling of power systems with Energy Storage (stability studies, grid code compliance, electrical losses etc.)
    • Administrative support of client’s application for grid connection (design and documentation review)

3. Energy Metering & IT Systems

Having experience in development, operation and support of Telemetering Systems, our Metering & IT Applications Department (M&ITA) develops solutions and provides consulting and support in all aspects of a modern data collection and management system for Renewable Energy Plants or Energy Storage Systems applications.

Our independent services include:

  • Automatic metering reading (AMR) and data collection systems
  • Meter &energy data management Systems (MDM, EDM)
  • Telecommunication infrastructure (GSM, GPRS, 3G, PLC, ETHERNET and RF) for transferring data (recording, measurements, energy profiles, etc.)
  • IT and security audit services
  • Interface with other IT systems (asset management, SCADA systems)
  • Asset management solutions
  • System, network, database and application administration
  • Training services
  • Operation support
  • Net-metering solutions for distributed generation applications

Contact our company for more information and details on how we can better serve your Renewable Energy Plant or Energy Storage System needs and how we can solve important aspects challenging your operations.