metering & IT applications
department (M&ITA-D)

Our M&ITA Department consists of experts proficient in large scale project management, metering, data networks, databases and software.

As a Systems Integrator, we have completed projects in which we have integrated thousands of meters in central AMR/MDM Systems. With combined experience in the fields of Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Telecoms, IT and Security, we cover the most critical areas responsible for the integrity, reliability, efficiency and cost-effective operation of Telemetering and Data Management systems.

Our M&ITA Department is able to provide a range of high-end solutions and services:

AMI Solutions

  • Smart Meters
  • Smart Grids - Data Communication
  • IT & Security

Telemetering and Data Management Systems

Our team follows a structured methodology to design and implement our projects. Namely, we:

  • Analyze and study requirements
  • Identify alternative solutions and compare with benchmark projects
  • Define the optimum solution
  • Select competitive system and set up the architecture
  • Implement and install a complete well-functioning system
  • Administer and support system operation
  • Offer high level training to system operators

Smart Meters & Data Communication Solutions

Our solutions cover a wide range of utility applications including Electricity, Gas, and Water. In terms of communication, we can use a wide range of communication technologies and media including:

  • Physical interfaces (RS-485, RS-232, IR, etc)
  • GPRS, 3G
  • RF, WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • Electricity network, PLC
  • Other protocols (ZigBee, M-bus)

IT & Security Audit Services

We share our experience on IT Systems by providing the necessary support and assistance for:

  • Network, system, database and backup administration
  • Information security strategy and engineering services

Meter Reading & Data Management Services

In our Telemetering Lab we maintain one Productive and one Test AMR/MDM System to provide:

  • Independent telemetering services to private clients
  • Meter functional testing
  • Trainings
  • Small pilot applications

Both productive and test systems are based on ZFA Fröschl AMR/MDM software which is an open, scalable application that currently supports more than 250 different meter types.

Installation - Deployment Management

Having the experience of large scale project development, we can organize and manage meter deployment projects by providing the following services:

  • Determine a safety plan according to project demands
  • Formulate flexible and adjustable time and work schedules
  • Provide training to the field groups
  • Provide management and supervision on field activities

Asset Management

We are an IBM Partner implementing MAXIMO asset management tools and solutions to assist clients with asset management tasks and operations, help them optimize their processes and maximize their ROI.

For Smart Metering projects, asset management provides the foundation for the initiation, planning, scheduling, execution and closing of construction works in Transmission and Ditsribution Networks.

Training & Certification

We can provide tailor-made training courses covering all aspects and components of specific systems. Training can be provided at either the client’s premises or in our training facilities.

Operation Support

After hand-over, we can provide a custom-made Operation Support Agreement which covers essential aspects of the AMR/MDM System. These can include:

  • Network, security, database, system and backup administration
  • Application software (AMR/AMM, AMI/MDM) administration
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Application program interfaces
  • Training
  • Diagnostics and optimization